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Banana Pecan (V)

We use canola spray that contains soy, so be aware all of our food products contain soy.

Banana Pecan (V) Ingredients:

Flour Plain (28.8%) [wheat flour], Soy milk (22.5%) [Filtered Water, organic whole soybeans (min 17%), pearl barley, barley malt, raw sugar, sunflower oil, minerals (calcium phosphate), natural flavouring, sea salt, kombu (kelp), vitamins (vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B12)], Oil (18%) [100% Canola Oil with Antioxidants (E319, E320), Antifoam (E900) Added], Banana (14.1%) [Banana], Sugar Caster (9.6%) [Cane Sugar - 100%], ground almond (3.6%) [Almonds], Pecan Nuts (2.8%) [Pecan Nuts], Vanilla Extract (0.56%) [Invert Sugar Syrup, Alcohol (12%) by Volume, Natural Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Seeds (0 6%) ], Baking Powder (0.11%) [Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Cornstarch, Sodium Acid Pyrosphosphate, Sodium Aluminium Phosphate, Crème of Tartar]


Gluten, Tree Nuts, Soya

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