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Spiced Chickpeas Muffin (Vegan Savoury)

We use canola spray that contains soy, so be aware all of our food products contain soy.

Spiced Chickpeas Muffin (Vegan Savoury) Ingredients:

Flour (38.7%) [flour (wheat) plain], Soy Milk (25.8%) [Filtered Water, Whole Soy Beans (min 14%), Raw Sugar, Calcium Phosphate, Vegetable Gums (460, 407, 466), Sea Salt, Flavours, food Acids (340, 331)], Canola oil (15.5%), Chick Peas (12.7%), Spinach (10.3%), Spring onions (3.1%), Garlic Crushed (1.3%) [Re-hydrated garlic (min 85%) (water, dried garlic), food acid (260), vegetable oil (canola), vegetable gum (412)], Turmeric Powder (0.77%) [Coconut sugar, Turmeric powder, Cinnamon powder, Ginger powder], Poppy Seeds
(0.62%), Salt (0.52%), Bicarbonate Soda (0.21%) [Sodium Bicarbonate], Baking Powder (0.21%) [Mineral Salts (450,500), Wheat Starch.], mixed herb (0.15%) [Rosemary, Oregano, Bay Leaves.]


Wheat, Soy

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