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Chai Latte Frappe

Cool down and rejuvenate with one of our made-to-order cold beverages. There’s nothing better on hot day than an ice-cold frappe, milkshake or thickshake, all available in three classic flavours, or grab yourself a refreshing fruit smoothie.

Chai Latte Frappe Ingredients:

Ice (52.1%), Milk (31.3%), Vanilla Flavour (6.3%) [Cane Sugar, Filtered Water, Natural Flavour, Preservative (E211, E202), Food Acid (Citric), Natural Colour (E150a)], , Indian Chai (4.2%) [Non-dairy creamer (partially hydrogenated coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), sugar, dipotassium phosphate, propylene glycol esters of fatty acids, mono and diglycerides, sodium silicoaluminate, salt, soy lecithin (soya), carrageenan, artificial flavour and colour), Sugar, nonfat dry milk, maltodextrin, natural flavours, spices, black tea, salt, xanthan gum, honey powder (honey, high fructose corn syrup solids, wheat starch, corn syrup, soy flour, calcium stearate (anticaking), Soy Lecithin (soya)) ], Cream, Chocolate powder


Gluten, Milk, Soy

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