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Baked Fresh Promise

Muffin Break has vowed to bake fresh on-site daily since we first opened our doors in 1989. The promise has never wavered over our 28 years and customers all over Australia flock to our stores to enjoy our delicious food.

Bakers are toiling away at every cafe bakery, from 6am every morning, ensuring they have fresh product available. This philosophy is ingrained into every baker from the moment they begin training with the Muffin Break team.

Muffin Break is one of the only large cafe bakery chains in Australia to bake fresh on site. The kitchens may look small but a lot of freshly baked goodness comes out of there.

Baker’s Timeline:

  1. The baker’s schedule created the day before is carefully followed
  2. Ovens are on and the baking is ready to commence!
  3. The baker carefully blends the fresh ingredients to start panning the first batch of muffins
  4. The aroma of freshly baked muffins flows from the oven as they are placed on the cooling rack
  5. Once cooled they are removed from the muffin pan and showcased for our customers to buy
  6. Once the last round of muffins is finished, the baker starts to prepare all the scones, cookies, cakes, slices, tartlets, wraps and much more

28 years and baking…