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Choose to Reuse with a Muffin Break KeepCup

Muffin Break is proud to announce the relaunch of our range of KeepCups! To support our stance in the war on waste, we are offering new colours of our Muffin Break KeepCups and 4 oz KeepCups for the kids!

Our motto “Good Goes In” extends beyond our delicious food and coffee, to the environment. Currently, about 200 million disposable cups are disposed of into landfill every year in New Zealand. Muffin Break wants to do our part in reducing this as much as possible. We are promoting our branded KeepCups as another sustainable option to help solve this global problem.

Managing Director of KeepCups Abigail Forsyth has been fighting for an environmentally conscious cup since owning a Melbourne café in 1998. Since then, over 8 million KeepCups have been sold in over 65 countries.

KeepCups are free of harmful BPA (Bisphenol A) and BPS (Bisphenol S) chemicals, easy to clean, and are extremely durable. They’re also now available at your local Muffin Break!

Muffin Break Keep Cups come in a variety of cool colour combinations and sizes. Enjoy a delicious barista-made coffee from a stylish, environmentally-friendly cup.


We’re excited to welcome a new wave of customers to take on a clean and eco-friendly approach and enjoy their favourite coffee at their local Muffin Break store.